Learning Leadership Skills in Fairburn & 桃树城,佐治亚州

Become a Community Leader at Landmark 领导学院

成为领导者意味着什么? 每一天, 值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台 students are learning the leadership principles necessary to become successful in elementary, 中间, 高中的时候, 在大学, 在工作场所. The Landmark 领导学院 (LLA) is nationally recognized for its excellence in creative programming, 教学设计, 以及社区参与. Not only does our curriculum teach students the basics of business, but the program promotes the skills and character needs to become a leader in any industry. Our LLA program begins in 中间 school and continues throughout all four years of high school. 从费尔伯恩毕业, 通用航空学院, students already have real-world experience and a robust network of mentors.

Elements to Expect from the 领导学院

The LLA at 值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台 is specially designed to provide students with all the skills necessary to become a confident leader. 然而, learning leadership qualities is not nearly as simple as memorizing math equations or vocabulary words. As such, we have honed our leadership program to emphasize the following elements:
  • 领导品质训练: This part of our curriculum stresses the importance of particular character traits useful in leadership.
  • 领导技能培训: Our faculty will help students develop crucial skills necessary to succeed as a leader. These might include working with others, critical thinking, and planning ahead.
  • 大师级的指示: Students have numerous opportunities to attend masterclass sessions with some of the top business professionals in the area.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Concentration: Our students can opt to hone their skills as entrepreneurs through these specialized courses.
  • 指导: 值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台 has excellent relationships with successful business leaders. We're excited to provide students with this network and the mentorship that comes with it.
  • 实际领导经验: 离开LLA时, students will have a wealth of real-world experience to pull from as they enter college or the workforce.
  • International Learning 机会: 与LLA一起探索世界! We love taking students on trips outside the U.S. 拓宽他们的视野.


Middle 高中的时候 curricula are designed to teach children and teenagers the skills they'll need to succeed in the real world. Leadership qualities are among the most crucial skills to learn during this time. The skills developed while still in high school build a solid foundation for continued leadership experience in future years. These leadership qualities instill a sense of control and confidence in adolescents. Many are better prepared to think creatively, problem-solve, and collaborate in a team. A leadership-focused curriculum, in short, cultivates responsible adults.


What makes our leadership academy unique? 对于初学者来说, we're one of the only programs of its kind in the area, and we're dedicated to helping students grow as leaders, as well as grow in their relationship with Christ. Specific highlights of LLA include, but certainly aren't limited to:
  • 中学领导模组: Our 中间 school curriculum draws on Mark Miller's "Heart of Leadership" and Tim Elmore's "Habitudes" to emphasize leadership character.
  • 高中领导模块: High school students have the chance to work with local business leaders to improve more specific skills. These might include time management, goal setting, and working in teams.
  • 101年领导: After one year in LLA, students can take Leadership 101. 在本课程中, students will learn more about leadership styles through reading, 项目, 以及案例研究.
  • 领导实习: This more advanced course guides students as they develop their own service or business project.
  • 国际经验: Our students have plenty of opportunities to travel abroad. These life-changing experiences allow teenagers to quite literally walk in the footsteps of history's great leaders.


Are you interested in enrolling your student at 值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台? Our students have unmatched opportunities when it comes to gaining real-world experience and leadership skills. We welcome you to visit our Fairburn and 桃树城,佐治亚州 campuses to see our campus for yourself. You're also encouraged to attend an information session and open house. If 值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台 sounds like the place for your child to learn leadership skills, 应用 今天!


Our 领导学院 presents many exciting opportunities for our students unmatched by other 中间 高中的时候s. Whether your student is interested in starting a business or has aspirations of running a nonprofit organization, 值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台 is the perfect place to grow their skills. 请浏览我们的其他 学院. 我们有适合每个人的东西, 包括音乐, 时尚, 工程, 跳舞, 企业创业, 和电影. 请随意 接触 如果有任何问题.
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